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"Complete Satisfaction!"

We appreciate the attention, speed and quality in the buying process.

Ivan Pessotti

Superohm Equipamentos Cientificos

São Paulo, Brazil 

"Thank you so much for offering a reliable, economical, CO2 meter!"

One of my hobbies is horticulture. It has been a passion of mine since I was very young. My wife and I are now both avid gardeners and greenhouse enthusiasts.

In the quest to find better ways to enhance the grow environment of our greenhouse, I decided I was going to need to monitor the levels of CO2 in the air. I went to my local garden stores to find a solution. I came to find out what I was looking for was going to cost me somewhere in the range of $500-$900 and more, ouch!

Not one store sold a low cost, accurate, CO2 meter. It was kind of hard to believe. I knew there had to be a low cost CO2 monitoring device out there somewhere.

After searching around on the internet, I came across your site and was delighted to find a great line of CO2 meters. I was very relieved to find the price was within my budget as well! I placed my order for the AQ100 CO2 meter (co2 only).

After a couple of days I received my new meter. The first thing I did was plug it into every room in my house to see how our indoor CO2 levels were. I discovered we need better ventilation..Then installed it in the greenhouse..

This meter works flawlessly! Thank you so much for offering a reliable, economical, CO2 meter! 

Luke M.
Orange County, CA

"Thank You!"

"Thank you for all you have done to help me get this item replaced! I truly appreciate it!"



"I found yet another use for my CO2 meter...pest control."

"Last year I purchased one of your CO2 meters for my indoor garden. It’s important for me to keep my CO2 levels between 1200 ppm to 1500 ppm to optimize my plant growth. CO2 levels are always changing as occupants enter and leave the room. The amount being used varies with the size of the plants and the tank solenoid valves are not always the most accurate. The only way I could be confident in the amount of CO2 in my room was to purchase a CO2 meter.

Then several months ago my garden was invaded by spider mites, fungus gnats and white flies. I am an organic gardener and didn’t want to use any non organic sprays on my plants, but the organic sprays are not as effective and still damage the plants. I then remembered reading an article where CO2 was used to control pests.

I raised my CO2 to 10,000 ppm for four hours, to my delight all of the spider mites, fungus gnats and white flies were dead on the floor of my garden. I then repeated the process 5 days later after any eggs had been given a chance to hatch and I have been bug free ever since.

I found yet another use for my CO2 meter...pest control."

Jeff in Colorado


"The aSense GH is a Perfect Fit For My Clients."

"I spent the better part of a month looking for a good CO2 transmitter to use in a few green houses we are working on. I wanted a sensor with a nice moisture resistant housing that could tie right into my logic controller with either 0-10V or 4-20Ma output.

The aSense GH is a perfect fit for my clients. It has an incredibly accurate CO2 transmitter and a temperature transmitter as well. The unit has been installed for a few months now and is working perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better unit.

Thanks guys!"

Matt Berk, President
Current Installations
Denver, CO


"I don't often find the excellent level of tech support like you provide!"

"thanks for the quick reply and great information. I don't often find the excellent level of tech support like you provide!
It was incredibly easy to capture and parse the output string from the SenseLife CAM using your instructions. Keep up the great work!"

Ken Stutzman
Windsor, Colorado


"The K30 was probably the easiest of all to implement..."

"For our Senior Design group project in hydroponics, we had quite a few sensors to implement, some with associated circuitry and others that were easily implemented into the overall system.Actually, the K30 was probably the easiest of all to implement considering the design and "pre-programming" your company offers.

We appreciate the support of your company and would like you to know that your sensor helped play an integral part in our understanding of sensors and their system integration. Thanks!"

Doug Cooper
Engineering Student
University of Central Florida


"CO2 meter is essential."

"This is fantastic. It took me two months to finally figure out where 1,700 ppm levels were coming from in our house. It's the damn oven pilot lights in our brick, aluminum frame windows, sealed tight sometimes. Accounts for backaches and tiredness and earaches. 

Until I get the hang of it, monitoring CO2, wind speed and direction, venting windows, carbon filters, and exhaust fans appropriately, I feel like a sea captain in the 1800s, looking for that clean air. But I think it will work out well. 

Took a lot to figure this out, decades in fact, and I'm a radical, environ- mentally aware, science type. CO2 meter is essential. Should be taught in grammar school." 

New York, NY


"It was so easy to communicate"

"The K-22 CO2 sensor is excellent to use in a research lab application. The PWM chip allowed us to seamlessly integrate with PIC microcontrollers to make a closed control loop. 

It was so easy to communicate between the K-22 PWM and the PIC circuit, I will definitely be looking to this line of products (CO2 as well as others) in further sensing applications. 


Westbrook Weaver
Engineering Department UCLA


"CO2 sensors...do their job exactly as advertised."

"Your CO2 sensors are very nice, carefully made, and do their job exactly as advertised. All I needed to turn them into a portable meter was a package and a display, which I had no trouble making. I found the support staff both prompt and helpful, and am a satisfied customer." 

Hal Lewis
Emeritus Professor of Physics
University of California, Santa Barbara


"I'm amazed at how sensitive the monitors are."

I bought a SenseLife TIM8 CO2 Monitor last summer. The monitor has been very valuable to me in issues regarding ventilation in my surroundings and I am really happy with the monitor...I'm amazed at how sensitive the monitors are and how quickly they show changes in the CO2 level." 

L.T., Kentucky


"It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to e-mail CO2 levels."

"The K-30 devkit is pretty awesome. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to e-mail CO2 levels to my Blackberry." 

A.R., Michigan